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Internet Safety


Online Safety: Facebook safety for Kids (We are not promoting Facebook or any other Social Site as we would recommend children follow age guidelines. However we are aware that some children access these sites and need to be aware of how to stay safe.)

Your Online Identity & Knowing Who Are You Online? If you use the computer to play and talk with friends, you also have an online identity. That means you have an identity that's related to how you look, what you do, and what you say when you're using the computer.

How to use computer for desktop,laptop and for kids.

internet & e-safety - infographics by children

Report phishing here: Contact UK Internet police here: Children at Valley Primary School have worked together creating a video about e-safety covering the following topics: internet origins, www, online activity, social networking, messages from strangers, generating secure passwords, running software, tracking , hacking, photo-sharing, pop-ups, data collection and anti-virus protection.