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New Earswick Primary School

To have the best, to do our best, to be the best that we can be.


Who’s Who

Come and meet the staff at our school!

Senior Teaching Staff:

Headteacher: Mrs. A. Oswald

Deputy Head: Miss S. Theakston


Teaching staff (full-time):

(KS1): Miss L. Paver

(KS1): Mrs J. Saddington

(KS2): Miss S. Cawthorne

(KS2): Mrs M. Barnard

(KS2): Mr T. Asquith

(KS2): Mr J. Pheby

(KS2) Mrs. J. Measures (SENCO)


Teaching Staff (part-time):

Mrs. R. Walton


Teaching Assistants:

Miss E. Bardy

Mrs. L. Bell

Miss L. Bullivant

Mrs. N. Coultas

Mrs. M. Ensor

Mrs. L. Hurley

Mrs. H. McCall

Mrs. V. Prole

Mrs. L. Reed

Mrs. D. Smallwood

Mrs. L. Hurley

Support Staff:

School Business Manager: Mr A. Fletcher

Administration Assistant: Mrs. J. Holmes

Administration Assistant: Mrs. L. Tyssen

Administration Assistant: Mrs. L. Hurley

ICT Technician: Mr A. Smith


Breakfast Club Manager: Miss. E. Bardy

Breakfast Club Assistant: Mrs. L. Bell

Breakfast Club Assistant: Mrs. D. Smallwood

After School Club Manger: Mrs. E. Bardy

After School Club Assistant: Mrs. A. Goodhall

Parent Support Worker: Mrs. L. Bell


Mid-day Recreation Leader: Miss L. Burton

Mid-Day Recreation Assistants:

Mrs. A. Goodhall



Cook: Mrs. J. Proctor

Kitchen Assistant: Mrs. S. Jones

Dining Room Assistants:

Miss L. Heathcote

Mrs. K. Leith

Miss G. Jones

Ms A. Regiec

Mrs Boyce


Housekeeper: Mrs. S. Jones

Housekeeping Assistants:

Miss L. Burton

Mrs. K. Leith

Ms. S. Hoban

Miss G. Jones